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European style furniture features

1. Strong three-dimensional sense and changeable shape

European-style furniture has a very strong sense of three-dimensionality, the surface of the furniture has concave and convex lines, and the whole set of furniture has continuous changes and layers.

2. Pay attention to warmth and comfort, and take into account romance

European style furniture is characterized by warmth and romance, so the purchase of European furniture must have several characteristics in order to match European style decoration.

3. Pay attention to details, concise and not simple

European style furniture pays attention to the pattern portrayal, although the pattern is not as complex as before, but it is not simple, so when choosing furniture, do not choose too modern furniture, this kind of furniture does not match European style decoration, improper matching, will lead to the decoration style is not different.

4. Prefer bright colors

In particular, the color of "baroque furniture" is very strong, and gold is used as its main color, mostly decorated with gold plating or gold leaf, which looks brilliant; The color of "Rococo furniture" is more muted, and the beige and white pattern is its main color.

5. Color

The color is mainly ivory white, supplemented by dark color, leaving us with a very restrained sense of beauty. Expressing the atmosphere, closer to nature, inheriting the decorative characteristics of traditional European style, pursuing the continuity of spatial change and the layered sense of shape change in design, paying attention to the depth to reveal nobility, elegance and immersion in luxury and aesthetics.