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What are the advantages of slate furniture

Slate furniture has been very popular since its inception, there are many places to use slate as a material, such as common desktops, as well as coffee table tops, TV countertops, and even background walls, sink countertops, etc., so, what are the advantages of slate furniture?

1. Safety, health and environmental protection. The slab is made of natural materials, which does not release toxic and harmful substances, and is a healthy and environmentally friendly material. The slate surface is NSF certified for direct food contact.

2. Wear resistance and impact resistance. The hardness of the slab is high, which can reach a hardness of 6-7 on the Mohs scale, and scratches will not appear when scratched on the surface of the slab with sharp objects. The impact resistance of the rock slab is good, and the impact resistance of the 12.5 mm slab and the 40 mm granite are similar.

3. High temperature resistance. The rock slab is a high-temperature fired product and is an A1 grade fireproof material. Even if it burns at a high temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, there will be no problems such as shrinkage and cracking. At high temperatures, combustibility also does not release toxic and harmful substances.

4. Good antifouling and easy to clean. The rock slab is pressed by a press and fired at high temperature, stains are not easy to penetrate into the board, its waterproof and anti-fouling effect is good, and it is easy to clean and take care of.